Why We’re Different

We guarantee authenticity by utilizing these techniques:

A patent-pending


Serial-Numbered &
Limited Edition
A notarized
A tamper-proof

Videos, photographs
and I.D. numbers
as comparisons

An online database
verification system

What sets apart Starguard memorabilia is its patent-pending Certificate of Authenticity that includes each athlete’s signature and DNA via their thumbprint. Only Starguard provides this added level of security and authenticity to help curtail counterfeit and fraud in the $2 billion per year sports memorabilia industry.

Authentication System

This is an intricate and thorough authentication system that ensures the items received are worth the fans’ trust. This high-value memorabilia will be a secure investment for the fans while allowing them to celebrate and re-live their favorite moments in sports. And Amazon.com, already a world powerhouse in sales and marketing, allows athletes to reach fans directly on an international scale. It further ensures that fans’ transactions are simple and that delivery is reliable. Signatory athletes also help to create a trustworthy network of memorabilia by promoting the items on their own vast social media outlets.

What Sets Us Apart

Starguard Collectibles is a trusted and official sports memorabilia partner of Amazon.com, and an official NBA licensee — We are very proud to be in such distinquished company. 

Conceived by Deborah Morales (founder and CEO of Iconomy Multi-Media & Entertainment) and the NBA’s All-Time Leading Scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Starguard Collectibles offers limited-edition memorabilia directly from athletes. What sets apart Starguard memorabilia is its patent-pending Certificate of Authenticity that includes each athlete’s signature and DNA via their thumbprint. Only Starguard provides this added level of security and authenticity to help curtail counterfeit and fraud in the $2 billion per year sports memorabilia industry.

Sports collectors can find unique limited-edition items from $150 up to $10,000. Each piece of SGC memorabilia is certified with a patent-pending Certificate of Authenticity that includes each athlete’s signature and DNA via their thumbprint. In addition to items such as game-worn clothing and basketballs, fans can purchase unique limited-edition art that has been merged with sports memorabilia. Separating SGC from all other memorabilia companies is its patent-pending SGC Display Stand that proudly displays your basketball using only six inches of space.

Starguard Collectibles Athletes

Sports legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar believes that fans want a more intense and personal experience with their sports heroes: “The next best thing to meeting your sports hero in person is seeing them through videos and photos as they sign the sports memorabilia fans want most. It really bothered me to go to card shows and see fans wait in line for hours, only to be denied a signature because their item or jersey was counterfeit.”

“Our fans are the reason we’re able to do what we do and get paid for it, so we want them to feel confident that they’re purchasing 100% authentic sports memorabilia.”Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA's All-Time Leading Scorer

With this goal in mind, Iconomy founder and CEO Deborah Morales put together a unique collaboration with two powerful entities: Amazon.com and Starguard Collectibles (SGC), a sports memorabilia provider and licensor. The goal? To bring authentic, autographed merchandise directly from sports heroes into the hands of their biggest fans.

“I am proud to be a part of the Starguard Collectibles Team!”Joe Torre, Executive Vice President of MLB Operations

Satisfied Customers

Starguard Collectibles President, Deborah Morales & Paul C. Herman Attorney at Law

Paul was one of our first customers and is building a man cave in his house complete with a pool table and iconic memorabilia.

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