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There are three reasons why fans buy collectable basketballs:

  1. To show support for the team they love.
  2. To proudly display the ball to all their friends.
  3. As an investment in the hopes the value will appreciate. All these reasons come together in the single moment when the collector looks at his new possession, smiles with satisfaction, and says, “Cool.”

That’s why the NBA has licensed Starguard Collectibles’ one-of-a-kind basketball stand. Each 6”, handcrafted mount is richly finished in dark mahogany, with your team’s logo carved into the front to make an unforgettable display. In addition, the ball itself is protected by a patented, form-fitting scratch-resistant polycarbonate.

This combination of traditional handcrafted mount with the futuristic molded polycarbonate ball cover makes this a unique design that meets every ball collectors’ need.

Starguard brings the “Cool” to collectibles.

Starguard Collectibles Athletes

Sports legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar believes that fans want a more intense and personal experience with their sports heroes: “The next best thing to meeting your sports hero in person is seeing them through videos and photos as they sign the sports memorabilia fans want most. It really bothered me to go to card shows and see fans wait in line for hours, only to be denied a signature because their item or jersey was counterfeit.”

“Our fans are the reason we’re able to do what we do and get paid for it, so we want them to feel confident that they’re purchasing 100% authentic sports memorabilia.”Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA's All-Time Leading Scorer

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